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At the heart of everything we do is our passion for water safety, building confidence, teaching at developmentally appropriate levels, and our commitment to our students. At Superfish, our teaching philosophy is to learn through meaningful play while building trust and confidence in yourself and in the water.  We are here to teach beginners to advanced level swimmers. We believe swimming is a lifelong skill and want everyone to have the opportunity to learn.

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The Super Fish Difference

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The Best of Both Worlds

Kate Forman and Caroline Ritenour have joined forces and combined their small swim schools to be a Youngstown Powerhouse in quality swim instruction.  

Kate Forman

Owner, Instructor | MEd

Kate rocks and she will get her bio done soon!

Caroline Ritenour

Owner, Instructor | BS Early Childhood Education

Coach Caroline has been teaching swim lessons since she was 15 years old.  Coach Caroline specializes in individuals who learn differently (special needs/water trauma/anxiety) and teaching the competitive strokes.  She was the first #swimwhisperer in the Youngstown Area (trained in the Swim Angelfish Methodology).

She founded the Piranha Aquatics Swim Team in Salem, where she was head coach for 10 years before deciding to focus on swim instruction.   She was a state qualifier in high school, competed in college,  is a master’s national qualifier and was a published member of the 2017 American Swim Coach Association Fellows Class.

She is married to her husband, Don, and they co-own YoFresh Food together.  Coach Caroline loves to read, play piano, swim, and introvert.

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No Puddle Jumpers or Swimmies, Please!

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