Private Lessons  with Coach Caroline  School Year 22-23


2022-2023 Private Lesson Rates and Payment Setup*

lessons are 30-minutes in length.

*please ask if you need different payment arrangements!

8-Lesson Auto-Debit Package

  • $312($39/lesson)
  • auto-renews every 8th lesson utilized automatically
  • does not have to be used weekly
  • Click the button below.  After logging in, you will be directed to a page to initiate your auto-debit

4-Lesson Auto-Debit Package

  • $160 ($40/lesson)
  • auto-renews every 4th lesson utilized automatically
  • does not have to be used weekly
  • Click the button below.  After logging in, you will be directed to a page to initiate your auto-debit


  • $45 Each lesson
  • Card will be run thru vagaro by coach

Lesson Policies

Note: Changes from last school year are in bold and blue.

  • Lessons will be taught weekly; (no breaks)-I will have weeks with conflicts and I will let you know 1:1 if I won’t be teaching that week well in advance.
  • Your slot is your slot for the entire school year. – Same day/time each week.  I will only be teaching on Thursdays and Sundays.
    • If you cannot continue in your regular spot: You will forfeit your timeslot on my schedule and the spot will be filled by another client in line.  You can choose to remain on my ‘returning client list’ to receive notice of an opening, however, I CANNOT guarantee the day/time/or ability to put you back onto my client list.
  • If you do not want to come each week at the same day/time or you cannot commit, you can request to be waitlisted thru Vagaro. Directions down below. 🙂
  • Clients are required to keep a card on file in Vagaro.
  • Clients are required to complete a cancelation policy form before November 1, 2022.

Waitlisting in Vagaro

‘Waitlist’ for a Specific Day:

You must do this as a client, (I cannot waitlist you on my end).

If someone cancels, the first person on the waitlist for that day/time gets notified via text. You have 30 minutes to grab the slot or it notifies the next person in line.

You can still book if the notification is past your 30-min window and the next person in line has not grabbed it.

You must waitlist for every day you may want a lesson.




Cancellation Policy

  • Anytime a conflict occurs, please cancel as soon as possible, even if the date is months into the future.
  • You may cancel any lessons thru Vagaro or by texting Caroline so she can remove you.  (Please don’t verbally tell me during a lesson; I won’t remember!) 
  • Canceling Day Of: One client cancellation is free of charge as a grace period.   A cancellation charge of ½ the lesson price will be assessed if canceled after the daily deadline. If you are on the pay-as-you-go, lessons canceled after the deadline will be assessed at the full lesson price.
    • Thursday lessons deadline: 10 am Thursday.
    • Sunday lessons deadline: 7 am Sunday morning. 
  • Instructor canceled lessons will not have a cancellation fee.

Sign Cancelation Policy

Semi-Private Lessons

lessons are 30-minutes in length.

Click here to start your semi-private auto-debt

*semi-private availability will be discussed with semi-private clients individually. Semi-privates are only offered by pairing two students of similar abilities and who will work well together.  Typically, semi-privates are geared towards teens who know how to swim.  Semi-private clients whose partner is not available on that date for their semi-private will be assessed a private lesson rate of $39.