The past year has been a challenging one and life has been reimagined for us all.  We ALL miss each other and are grieving the life we had.  

One way I know to work through grief (besides mainlining donuts), is to focus on the positive aspects that have presented themselves to us through all. of. this. 

For me, it was time to SLOW DOWN and examine all aspects of my life and what about life I was doing out of obligation, what I was doing that brought me happiness, and what I KNEW made me happier (but I wasn’t doing).

Since mid-summer, I have been working to create a new life that focused on what brings me the most JOY.

Your children (and you!) have been an integral piece of my daily JOY each time I have the opportunity to teach.

I want to thank you for such a wonderful revelation, that sharing my love for the water with your children, brings me PURE JOY.

Coach Caroline


P.S. Check out this Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown clip on why JOY is one of the most terrifying emotions.  Take time to reflect today on times you are foreboding joy.  Be kind to yourself. Lean harder into JOY throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021.