Parents, I get it.

You need to feel your kiddo is safe in the water.

So you strap them in a US Coast Guard approved puddle jumper.

…you feel safer, right?

The best way we can put it is: Puddle jumpers and swimmies give parents a false sense of security because you feel your child is safe in the water.

Not to mention that you are unintentionally teaching your child that “swimming” is in the natural drowning position (vertical) .  You are teaching your child, if their swimmies come off…if they jump into the water without an adult, that the “Right” way to be in the water is vertical.

Take a minute to compare the image and video below.

Did it freak you out a little bit?

It should.

I promise, I know you are doing what you think is best. I’m not judging. (I promise!!!)

But as Maya Angelou said,

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”

I know your pro-puddle jumper speak: Your child feels safe. They feel confident.  They’re having so much fun!

…but now, they believe they can swim.

The problem with that is… Your children do not yet have the cognitive ability to understand that they truly cannot swim without a flotation device.

Your child’s life is worth more than that.

And…bonus! they will actually learn faster and have more success if they’re more horizontal from day one. As horizontal EVERY TIME they’re in the water.  WITH YOU. (Because I know you’ve taught your kiddos the #1 rule: Never Swim Alone.)

Double bonus: This saves you a lot of money and time in the long run! Hey, I get it, kids are expensive.

Whether you take swim lessons from us, or somewhere else, please please please. Teach them to swim. 


Without floaties. 

Coach Caroline <3

P.S. Tired mama’s, I see you.

You have more than enough on your plate. You have three kids, and they’re everywhere.
If your child does not yet have the ability to jump into deep water, tread, float on their back, and get to the side safely, and you cannot be with them the entire time they are in the water, put them in a Coast Guard approved LIFE JACKET.  

But not everyday.
And not all the time.

Even if that means you have to spend a little time 1:1 with each kiddo while the others are swimming in their life jackets.

Teaching your children to swim horizontally will be the best investment of your time and money you can spend.

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