S.W.I.M. Whisperer Private Instruction


 Every instructor at Superfish that works with individuals with special needs is a certified Swim Angelfish Swim Whisperer.

About Swim Angelfish Methodology

The Swim Angelfish Methodology encompasses areas of focus and strategies for overcoming roadblocks for swimmers with
Autism | Anxiety | Motor issues | Physical | Sensory | Delays | Discomfort | Trauma.

Our instructors are trained to identify roadblocks and implement therapy-backed strategies to overcome them.

Armed with our Swim Whisperer® toolbox of strategies, Swim Angelfish Certified instructors assist swimmers of all abilities, including those with special needs, overcome obstacles and learn to swim with less discomfort.

14 Universal Roadblocks of Learning to Swim

S Saftey
W Water Properties
I Interpreting Touch
M Managing Successful Submerging
W Ways of Processing
H Having Body & Breath Control
I Inability To Go On Their Back
S Seeking Sensory Input
P Problems Following a Plan
E Engagement and Interaction Difficulty
R Reactive (Over/Under)
E Excessive Drinking
R Rigidity (Swimmer/Instructor)
S Stroke Performance

Areas of Focus

A Action
D Discovery
A Adapting
P Physical Limitations
T Transitions
E Equipment
D Decision Making
S Self Awareness
W Well-Being
I Independence
M Modifications

Becoming Certified

Interested in becoming a certified swim whisperer? More information here: https://swimangelfish.com/get-certified-as-a-swim-whisperer/

Certified Swim Whisperer Instructors

Caroline Ritenour

Level 3 Swim Whisperer

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Kate Foreman

Level 1 Swim Whisperer

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