Whether or not you light it up blue, red, gold, or WHATEVER color you pick, just know:

On their good days and their not so good days
On their funny days and their exasperating days
On the days they won’t come up from the bottom of the pool to the days they won’t go under even though we all know they can
On the days they won’t get in, and the days they won’t get out

I love your kids

…just the way they are.

Together, we get to give individuals on spectrum an opportunity to not be a part of the scariest statistic I have ever known: The #1 cause of death for a person with Autism is drowning.

Thank you for trusting me with your children to teach them how to swim. Thank you for trusting me work with them as they are that day in the pool. Thank you for allowing me to give your kids an environment where we can work at their pace, their speed, and their way–where they have the freedom to be themselves.

Thank you all -spectrum or not-for letting your kids be a part of my underwater, magical world. I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else but your kids.

I miss you all.
Coach Caroline